I am she & that is my superpower

Customer Reviews

"What an honor to work with this resilient goddess! She poses, struts and gives you the exact look you need. I would love to work with her again!"
"The stunning Alana and myself have completed five fashion editorial projects showcasing unique and amazing fashion designers here in Los Angeles, California. Alana is a goddess who came down from the heavens to bless your eyes and heart. Alana infuses her energy, joy, and power into her expressive art and photography"
"Love working with you! We have so much fun doing what we love and embracing women empowerment!"
"Wynta is a so fun to work with! No matter what style she is modeling, she brings her strut and poise to the table. Watching her on the runway in my designs felt magical"
"Wynta is a perfect model to work with, and I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that. She's chill yet dynamic, soft yet fierce, she's an entire vibe and it influences any set she's on. Her skills are beautifully natural yet she doesn't rest on them, she still puts in the work to constantly refine and expand them. She's also an amazing team player, she set the bar on set but she will happily help uplift other models on set to reach it or surpass that bar. Basically she's someone you always want to have around to set an example because she IS the example. And don't even get me started on her posing and looks. I have her in my phone as Mystique, because of her ability to change styles & make them look phenomenal, its like she was blessed with a superpower. She is quintessentially DOPE."
"Wynter has a long lasting impact on anybody that meets her! We developed a creative relationship that was immediately comfortable, and their confidence is contagious. To this day, my assistant speaks on how lovely it was to meet and work with them and I couldn’t agree more. Wynter is professional, warm, and experienced enough to work with any client. When you with with her, you can feel confident that you made the right choice for your project. I highly recommend booking them!"