how to be unbothered & confident

“Even With My Eyes Closed, I Can Still See”

I chose the title, “How to be Unbothered & Confident”, because in this scenario you cannot fully achieve one without the other. To me, to be unbothered is having true confidence. And to be confident is to be in a state of being “unbothered”. I know the modern day term “unbothered” may have a negative connotation to it. However, women are taking this term and flipping the connotation to our advantage as a way of expressing our desire to not be reactionary to every little thing. In the cover picture, I represent being unbothered and confident, because when a woman is confident she does not walk by sight, but by faith! I had to have faith, which then channels the confident aura, that even with my eyes closed, I know for a fact I still look and feel beautiful from within. With all that being said, how do we as women achieve a permanent state of being “unbothered” from the trials and tribulations that life constantly throws at us?

Becoming that unbothered woman of your dreams is right around the corner! It first starts with working on our confidence. If no one has ever told you that you are beautiful, I am telling you right now, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and any man would be lucky to have you. If someone has told you that you are pretty, that is wonderful, but we constantly need to remind ourselves. What I do is I practice daily affirmations to myself in the mirror at least once a day. I say things like I am wealthy, I am smart, I am chosen and I am beautiful (feel free to add whatever else you need to get yourself going for the day lol). After doing this for a couple of weeks we start to believe what we tell ourselves in our hearts and that translates into our aura/energy from within. Just be prepared for energy vampires who might come your way once they notice your newfound inner glow..

I had a homeless man at Venice beach who was high off crack or something tell me, “SUCK MY D*CK B*TCH” when I walked past him. The old me would’ve been BOTHERED, but the new me laughed it off because I know who I am. When these idiots shoot high, ALWAYS shoot low and kill them with kindness because they’re forced to deal with the man in the mirror and to learn just like everyone else (that only you can save you). Besides looking ourselves in the mirror and talking nicely, I found that writing these daily affirmations, our dreams and our goals down solidifies A LOT for our future. I don’t know why but the power of putting what you want to happen down on paper is REAL.

YouTube how to make a vision board and that is a great way to set goals and achieve them. I started creating vision boards since 2019 and although it took some time for my goals to come true, most of what I wrote down has come true and is in the works to come true. This boosts my self esteem because it reaffirms to me that I AM and so are YOU, A BOSS WHO IS HANDLING HER BUSINESS! So if energy vampires comes our way, we are so focused on our goals, mentally strong from our daily affirmations AND UNBOTHERED! I like what Tony Gaskins advises young women to do, which is to work on our Brains (school/higher ed/profession), Body (working out) and Brand (career)! Do these things and trust AND believe me, you are about to be confident with NO WORRIES in the world! – XOXO, Wynnie